Welcome to Middle School Ministry! At MSM our goal is to create an environment where all students feel like they belong. Our heart’s desire is to see students grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other. We use the following five key words when talking with 6th-8th graders about MSM:  FEAR, FUN, FAITH, FINISH, and FRIENDS.

FEAR - The transition from being the "big shot" in the elementary group to the youngest in the middle school group can be scary. This is normal and real, and our desire is to get you plugged in and connected at MSM.

FUN - MSM is FUN! Join us and you will have a good time, laugh, and celebrate at MSM. Most students would use the word "boring" when they describe church. Our goal is to shatter this stereotype and have a blast!

FAITH - Our primary goal is to help you grow in your faith. We have some of the best teaching, curriculum, small groups, and mission opportunities a church can offer.

FINISH - We love seeing students finish their high school years strong in their faith - with a lifestyle that reflects their convictions and lifelong plans to serve God. Our hope is they have "sticky faith" that stays with them into and throughout their college years.

FRIENDS - "Students become like the people they hang out with." Almost everything in middle school and high school revolves around friends! Good friends are vital to finish strong. We offer an experience that allows students to worship God in a way that makes it easy for them to invite their friends.

For more information contact Eric Moody at emoody@vrl.church or at 509.232.0840.


•Two Environments

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MS/Midweek - Wednesday Live Online 6:30-7:30 PM

MidWeek is a perfect place to find where you belong. Each Wednesday night we are dedicated to providing an environment for students to have a blast and be challenged to live like Jesus.

MS/GRPS - Thursday via Zoom Call, 6:30-7:30pm

Meeting ID and password to be sent out via email to parents and private message through our student ministries page. This is to protect the security of the zoom calls and be able to keep our students safe.

Special events

Save the date for CIY MIX - August 3-7

  • Keep up with us and view our upcoming events and summer schedule by visiting our MSM FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • One of the ways we communicate with parents is through group texts and emails.
  • If you are a parent of a student and would like to be added to our "MSM Parent" group please e-mail the following information to Eric Moody at emoody@vrl.church.

  • Your full name
  • Your student's full name
  • Your email
  • Your cell phone number - including area code

    Our Summer plans have shifted due to cancelations at Warm Beach Camp, but we are still committed to providing our students with the best summer experience we can! Since we can’t go to MIX this Summer, we are going to bring MIX to us! We’ve partnered with CIY to bring you MIX at VRL.