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Whether you're joining us from a watch party, with your small group or from the comfort of your home, we're glad you're here! Being in community is critical (and comforting) during uncertain times. We want to encourage you to watch, pray, comment, and engage. So please - add your questions and comments by joining the chat below and join us for a time of worship!

If you have any issues with the video, please refresh your page. Join chat for helpful links.

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Text in your questions to 509-550-REAL (7325). You can also text in your prayer request by typing in "vrlprayer I need prayer for..." or get access to a sample online small group by texting "vrlgroups" to the same number.

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We believe church happens in circles and not rows -- Especially now! We are encouraging everyone to meet with their community group to watch our online services. If you're not connected, please check out our group resources and get connected!

This is a simple version of our full group finder. If you'd like more details, please click the link above.

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Just because we aren't able to gather together, doesn't mean that God's work isn't continuing. We love the generosity of our church body, and trust that you will continue to worship with your time, talent and treasure. If you haven't switched over to any of our online options, checkout our resources below to get setup with a new option! Those of us with recurring gifts will continue to process as normal.


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We Believe prayer moves the hand of God. We gather every Monday morning to pray together for requests.