Anxious For Nothing

Through life's challenges, VRL has been what we needed. My husband was struggling with panic attacks due to being in the army and serving in Afghanistan, but the Anxious for Nothing series came at a life-saving time.
Five years ago, we also lost our son, so Mother's Day has always been a difficult time. This year, a child came into KidMin where I serve who had experienced the loss of his brother and I was reminded of how God used that experience to bring me back to him.

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Running Toward My Faith

I was going through a difficult time after a divorce and decided to run toward my faith instead of away from it. VRL sparked my growth and made me feel more "Rooted" than ever.

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Waterfall of Blessing

A week ago Monday, I returned home from having lunch with a friend to a waterfall originating from the balcony of my third-story apartment. Through the experience I got to glimpse the church He created up close, and personal. I live a life that many would view as simple but He, through the relationships and love He has saturated my life with, has made me oh so very rich.

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