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Finding Strength in Uncertainty

Our Annual Report highlights stories of life change and transformation as a result of our members being strong and living out the A-B-C-D discipleship process in the midst of uncertain times. We know this is only possible through their faith in God. We hope you will join in the celebration with us by reviewing the Annual Report. But don't stop there...we want to hear your story as well!

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Accept - Broadcasting the Gospel

We've all heard people say something like, "If I stepped into a church, lightning might strike me." Showing up to a church is a big step for some people, so we are excited to see the number of people God has brought to Valley Real Life. As God expands our influence, we see more people taking steps of faith, starting with accepting Jesus as Lord of their life and being baptized.

Average Attendees

New Members


Broadcasting the Gospel Online

It was right after a Thursday night service when the Covid shut-down began and we knew we had less than two days to create an Online Campus. Tom Pope came in right away and helped get the computers setup to broadcast (which is more work than one might think).

Tom caught the vision of what it was going to take to reach out into the community during unprecedented times and made it happen. He used the skills he had to help other people know Jesus.

Because of Tom's faithfulness, many people were able to stay connected to the church and we have seen people continue to come to faith and be baptized because of what Tom does.

Thank you, Tom Pope!

Belong - Finding a Home

If Covid has taught us anything, it is that belonging isn't only about a physical location. Personal relationships are where belonging happens. Many of you have been a part of making the environment perfect for others to grow and have reminded people that, despite not being able to see each other at church for a season, each person is an important part of God's family.

Small Groups

Rooted Groups

Adult Group Members

Fostering Personal Connections

Sydney has been investing in the high school girls at Valley Real Life and creating a place for our youth to belong.  The girls she leads in her small group recount just how amazing the environment is, saying, "Sydney creates a welcoming environment and fosters personal connection and vulnerability in the group."

The youth did not stop there being grateful for Sydney's investment.  Sydney has proven her love for these girls and for Jesus by making sure the girls have not only a leader, but also a friend.  She goes above and beyond to embody Christ's love and shows it in even the little acts of remembering birthdays and special moments.  She truly loves to the fullest.

Thank you, Sydney Rassier!

Contribute - Giving Goes Around

The spirit of generosity is contagious. When we give, it inspires others to give as well. As a church, we encourage each person to give of their time, talents, and treasure and together we can maximize our impact and accomplish what no one person can do alone. Contribution is where belonging finds its power.


Raised for Outreach Projects

Avg Giving Families

Contributions that Made the Difference

When the call went out that VRL was committed to making sure every family had access to food during the Covid pandemic, Bud Lindsey stepped up and answered the call.

His love for the church and love for the community shown through his numerous trips to Winco, his team leadership, and the countless hours he contributed packing boxes with exactly what each family would need to navigate these trying times. Because of Bud's leadership, VRL was able to provide food for over 2500 families and model what contributing looks like.

Thank you, Bud Lindsey!

Disciple - Walking Out the Mission

A key part of making disciples is being committed to the mission of Jesus, which is to make more disciples (followers). This entails not only sharing Christ with others, but also helping them to grow and look more like Jesus in how they live. This stage of following Jesus is characterized by intentionality in your relationships with those around you.

New Campuses Launched

Adult Small Group Leaders

Recovery Groups

Making Disciples Starts Where You Are

Bruce and Cheryl aren't living their life on auto-pilot. They have chosen to be intentional in their relationships and they have seen God do amazing things through their obedience and intentionality.

From reaching out and providing a comfortable environment in a small grouop, to their courage to share the gospel at the right time, Bruce and Cheryl have patiently walked out the mission of making disciples. It hasn't always been fast or easy, but their diligent effort is making a lasting difference in the lives of those they are investing in, both those who are just coming to know the Lord and those who are inspired to take their next steps.

Thank you, Bruce & Cheryl!

Bonus Report

Take a deeper look at key budget and giving metrics to see how God has moved by increasing generosity over this fiscal year..

Bonus Report


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DNA Class

The first step in finding where you belong at VRL is by attneding the DNA class. Find info on the next available class here.


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